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1. Flip the Switch
2. Anybody Seen My Baby
3. Low Down
4. Already Over Me
5. Gunface
6. You Don’t Have to Mean It

7. Out of Control
8. Saint of Me
9. Might As Well Get Juiced
10. Always Suffering
11. Too Tight
12. Thief in the Night
13. How Can I Stop

Bridges To Babylon

A wild lion on the cover > but fairly tame on the tunes

September, 1997

Rock On Rock Recommends:

Already Over Me; Anybody Seen My Baby; Might As Well Get Juiced; Gunface

The cover of the Saint Of me single
The cover of the Saint Of Me single

OVER-PRODUCED somewhat, Bridges To Babylon has several good songs to redeem it > and some strong lyrics.

There’s better versions of three of the songs on the following year’s live album No Security > rockers Flip the Switch, Saint of Me and Mick Jagger’s favourite from Bridges To Babylon > Out Of Control.

This album’s top tunes are the lackadaisical ballad Already Over Me; the Dust Brothers produced synthesiser/sampling of Might As Well Get Juiced > plus Gunface and Anybody Seen My Baby.

Anybody Seen My Baby was belatedly giving a k.d. lang co-writing credit after one of Keith Richard’s daughters noticed it sounded similar to the Canadian crooner’s hit Constant Craving.

There’s three > that’s right, THREE > Keith Richard’s vocal tunes.

They are rolled in reggae You Don’t Have to Mean It [was never much my cup of tea, reggae] and vagabond ballads Thief in the Night and How Can I Stop. 



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