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WATTS THE ?? > drummer Charlie Watts > the Rolling Stone who never speaks > with what looks like a microphone in his hand (bottom right).


1. Under My Thumb
2. Get Off of My Cloud
3. Lady Jane
4. Not Fade Away
5. I've Been Loving You Too Long
6. Fortune Teller

7. The Last Time
8. 19th Nervous Breakdown
9. Time Is On My Side
10. I'm Alright
11. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow
12. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Got Live If You Want It

In the sixties the screaming, knicker-wetting girls made so much noise the Rolling Stones could hardly hear themselves play. So the music was sometimes somewhat superfluous > as is this album.

December, 1966

Rock On Rock Recommends:

Fortune Teller: The rest is rubbish and this song is available without the annoying screaming of fans on the patchy American greatest hits compilation release More Hot Rocks (Big Hits and Fazed Cookies).

The Got Live If You Want It EP (Extended Play) which consisted of six songs
The Got Live If You Want It EP (Extended Play) which consisted of six songs

“When there’s a lot of screaming I know that most people can’t hear us playing, but what can you do.”
> Mick Jagger

THE Rolling Stones are introduced on stage by British blues pioneer Long John Baldry to a throng of screaming girls who screech throughout this supposedly live album > drowning out the muffled music and any semblance of much worth listening to.

 Mick Jagger’s voice is mixed way above a thrashing, incoherent band. Charlie Watts gives his cymbals a good working over.

The Stones are more melodic on the ballads and the screaming more muted, but even these songs aren’t good.

The one saving grace is Fortune Teller > more rhythm than mayhem, with its haunty background vocals almost blending with the fans’ screeching.

It’s a cover of a song written by Allen Toussaint and tells of a man finding out from a fortune teller that his girl is going to leave him > “her bags are packed under the bed”. Not too heartbroken, he takes up with the fortune teller. Maybe she lied in the first place.

Funny thing about this album is a lot of it is not actually recorded live > the crowd atmosphere added later, including on Fortune Teller. Some songs had overdubs added later > and the difference that makes is absolutely zero.


Mick Jagger tells of a concert in Montreal, Canada. With police not allowed to interfere with the crowd, wrestlers were employed “to beat the wild fans up and those toughs really seem to enjoy it.”

“They hauled some little bloke out from the front row and about five of them were smashing him in the face. We stopped playing and booed them. Then the organiser came on stage and told me to get off”.  A heated, foul-mouthed argument ensued
> from New Musical Express, July 1966.


 “There was a riot in the theatre where we played tonight > the kids rushed the stage and tore us up.  I’m all right but Keith had to go to hospital to have a cut eye treated after four girls jumped on him.”
> Mick Jagger to New Musical Express, March, 1966


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