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Really like this album cover. Just a couple of yer regular Stones fans.


1. You Got Me Rocking
2. Gimme Shelter
3. Flip The Switch
4. Memory Motel
5. Corinna
6. Saint of Me

7. Waiting on a Friend
8. Sister Morphine
9. Live with Me
10. Respectable
11. Thief in the Night
12. The Last Time
13. Out of Control

No Security

There’s much better Rolling Stones live albums than this > such as Get Yer Ya-Yas Out and Live Licks

November, 1998

Rock On Rock Recommends:

Memory Motel
Gimme Shelter
Out of Control


The back cover of the No Security album
The back cover of the No Security album

YOU go through this album thinking > oh yeah, that was an OK version of that song. That’s the trouble, it’s all just goddamn pretty ordinary or even worse > with a couple of exceptions.

They are the ballad Memory Motel > with guest vocal by Dave Matthews > a rambling, rough-house Gimme Shelter and Out of Control > better than the original from album Bridges to Babylon.

Memory Motel is a vocal triple treat with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Matthews > from the Dave Matthews Band > trading lines.

It’s Matthews who is the standout performer with a gravelly voice to rival the great Joe Cocker. When he sings lines such as “back up to Boston, I’m singing in a bar” and “I hit the bottle and hit the sack and cried” it’s from someone who sounds like he has been on a Keith Richards-style four-day bender. [Was so impressed I went out and bought a few Dave Matthews Band albums, but didn’t hear anything to rival this]

Out of Control builds in intensity with harmonica and wah-wah guitar. Gimme Shelter also builds into something worthwhile > but there’s an even better version on the much better 2004 Live Licks album.

The rest here is pretty piecemeal. There’s nice saxophone from Josh Redmond on ballad Waiting on a Friend. A faster than the original The Last Time and an OK > there’s that word again > Saint of Me, with Mick Jagger taking delight in “all the special pleasures of doing something wrong”.

He also calls one of the venues a “glorified tram shed” and yells in exasperation “Come on, Ronnie” during You Got Me Rocking.  Ronnie Wood > the clown prince of the Rolling Stones > must have missed his guitar solo queue. Probably too busy chuffing on a cigarette and making faces at the crowd.

African American blues pioneer Taj Mahal makes a guest appearance on his own song, Corinna > and a clunky Corinna it is.

The tracks on this live album are from the Arena, Amsterdam; River Plate, Buenos Aires; Zeppelinfeld, Nuremberg; TWA Dome, St Louis; MTV’s Live from the 10 Spot.  

No Security is disappointing. If you’re looking for a good Rolling Stones live album > try Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out (1970) or Live Licks (2004).




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