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1. Start Me Up
2. It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
3. Tumbling Dice
4. Emotional Rescue
5. Street Fighting Man
6. Ruby Tuesday
7. Doom and Gloom
8. Paint It Black
9. Honky Tonk Women
10. You Got The Silver

11. Before They Make Me Run
12. Miss You
13. Midnight Rambler
14. Gimme Shelter
15. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
16. Sympathy for the Devil
17. Brown Sugar
18. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
19. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Sweet Summer Sun

Ho hum, another Rolling Stones live album > and nowhere near a great one.

July, 2013

Rock On Rock Recommends:

It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
Midnight Rambler
Sympathy for the Devil
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

DVD cover of 1969 Stones film of London's Hyde Park concert
DVD cover of 1969 Stones film of London’s Hyde Park concert

THE initial disappointment with a live Rolling Stones album > is that it’s yet another Stones live album.

Instead of a new studio album, Rolling Stones fans are put on a steady drip of live albums containing mostly greatest hits with a smattering of lesser-known but much-liked songs > and in between them more greatest hits studio song collections, usually with a couple of new tunes thrown in.

The great pity in this is that the previous Rolling Stones studio album, A Bigger Bang > released eight years ago in 2005 > is one of their best.

Having got that off my chest, there’s probably not a lot wrong with quite a few tracks on Sweet Summer Sun. Hyde Park Live.

To accentuate the positive, there’s, um, good versions of It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Street Fighting Man, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Gimme Shelter, Sympathy for the Devil, Brown Sugar and rapist song Midnight Rambler > though not as good as the Rambler on strong  1969 live album Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out.

It was also in 1969 that the Rolling Stones first played at London’s Hyde Park, at a free concert > that’s right, FREE ­- oh happy days > the first show for fresh-faced new guitarist Mick Taylor, in front of an estimated 250,000 to half a million people. [No pressure at all for 20-year-old newbie Taylor].

Mick Taylor had recently replaced founding member Brian Jones > a drug-riddled Jones leaving because of “musical differences”.

Brian Jones was found dead in his swimming pool just days before the 1969 Hyde Park concert, the show turned into a tribute to him.    

So these latest Hyde Park shows > from July 6 and 13 of 2013 > are somewhat of a resurrection of that famous 1969 concert, Mick Jagger even donning a dress just as he did way back then > albeit with a pair of pants underneath > and Mick Taylor making a guest appearance on several songs, having left the Stones in the mid-1970s.

Back to the songs here > it’s nice to hear 1960s ballad Ruby Tuesday again and a choir > two choirs actually > trundled out to join in on anthemic ballad You Can’t Always Get What You Want.  Members of the Voce Choir and London Youth Choir this time > the  London Bach Choir sang on the studio original from great Rolling Stones album Let It Bleed.

Mick Jagger (from the Sweet Summer Sun DVD)
Mick Jagger (from the Sweet Summer Sun DVD)

As for the rest of Sweet Summer Sun > Start Me Up won’t make a dead man come, funk ballad Emotional Rescue sounds tinnie and bland, and yet another dire version of Honky Tonk Women …. and on it goes.

But > somewhat confuzzling > the accompanying DVD in the Sweet Summer Sun. Hyde Park CD package > is pretty damn good. Makes you want to still see them in concert > despite most band members now being in their seventies.


Mick Jagger’s partner of more than 10 years > New York fashion designer L’Wren Scott > was found dead in her luxury Manahttan apartment on March 17, 2014. She committed suicide at the age of 49, Jagger aged 70 at the time.

It was reported that her fashion company had debts of over US$5million and she put a mortgage, unbeknown to Jagger, of over $1 million on her almost $5 million apartment, said to have been paid for by the Rolling Stones frontman.

The Rolling Stones had just arrived on their private jet in Perth to kick off an Australian and New Zealand tour. Mick Jagger quickly flew back to New York.

L’Wren Scott’s small, private funeral service was held at Hollywood Forever Cemetry in Los Angeles. At a later packed memorial service at St Bartholomew’s Church in New York, Mick Jagger sung the Bob Dylan song Just Like A Woman in tribute.

The band’s Australian tour was postponed and then eventually cancelled after Mick Jagger suffered throat problems


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