Love and ballads

1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Giant of a ballad with great lyrics. Acoustic guitar and harp start, drum-driven song builds tempo and layers > London Bach Choir on chorus.

2. No Expectations

Beautiful, mournful acoustic ballad languishing in loneliness.

3. Ruby Tuesday

Melodic ballad of a free-spirited woman who can’t be tamed > Bill Wyman on double bass and Brian Jones playing piano and recorder.

4. She’s a Rainbow

Piano-led psychedelica love trip about a girl who “comes in colours everywhere”.

5. Love In Vain

The Rolling Stones are masters of the blues ballad > this one of their best. Originally recorded by American blues maestro Robert Johnson.

6. Wild Horses

Wonderfully wounded, longing acoustic ballad.

7. Angie

Delicate acoustic guitars in ballad about a love that has come to an end.

8. Heart of Stone

Maudlin beat as the girls walking down the street are menacingly warned to best keep on going > cause “I ain’t got no love, I ain’t the kind to meet”.

9. Prodigal Son

Mick Jagger impersonates a Baptists minister on fun country/gospel tune > Halleluiah brother, I is saved.

10. Lady Jane

Marvelous medieval feel as the joker in this royal pack has trouble making up his mind between Lady Jane, Lady Anne and “my sweet Marie” > decisions, decisions!

11. Losing My Touch

Keith Richards vocal > moody piano ballad.

12. The Worst

Keith Richards vocal > Ron Wood on pedal steel guitar. A down and out lover’s lament.

13. Congratulations

Bemoaning to a friend who keeps breaking women’s hearts > and even tried it on one his flames.

14. Play With Fire

Nice acoustic song with harsh message > tells his girl of the privilege class not to mess around cause “you’re playing with fire”.

15. You Better Move On

Great Stones cover version of a song recorded by American soul singer Arthur Alexander in 1961.

16. As Tears Go By

Mick Jagger puts on his old man costume > still only in his 20s when this song was released > to lament the lost fun of childhood years.

17. Back Street Girl

His lover on the side is given the message > to stay on the side and not become part of his life.

18. She Smiled Sweetly

Taking comfort from a girl who can help ease a troubled mind.

19. Sittin’ On A fence

No rush to get married > as some people do and they soon regret it.

20. Factory Girl

Waiting for a girl to finish her factory shift who has “curlers in her hair > no money anywhere > knees much too fat”. And there’s other attributes too.

21. Dandelion

Bit of a trippy ditty about blowing the dandelion seeds to seek the truth about a girl. “Dandelion don’t tell no lies > dandelion will make you wise > tell me if she laughs or cries.”

22. Moonlight Mile

Dream-like song with swirls of strings and layers of Mick Taylor guitar.

23. Time Waits For No One

“Time can tear down a building or destroy a women’s face” > Jagger sings. Not to mention what it can do to the face of a rock and roll singer. Features a great guitar solo from Mick Taylor.

24. If You Really Want To Be My Friend

Twisted and love-torn soul ballad  > with vocal group Blue Magic adding to the  harmonies.

25. I Don’t Know Why

The perennial question of wondering why you love someone > but you just do > despite coming in for some ill treatment.

26. Memory Motel

Swoons with harmony vocals and blended piano, synthesiser, electric piano > as a fleeting romance is remembered.

27. Fool To Cry

Weepy ballad about dear old dad Mick Jagger missing the company of his daughter.

28. Beast of Burden

Swings with sentiment > Jagger, now in his mid-40s, questioning if he’s tough enough, rough enough, in love enough > and even rich enough.

29. Worried About You

Jagger starts by cranking out a falsetto > the song picks up in pace and emotion.

30. Waiting on A friend

Lazing in the warmth of friendship.

31. No Use In Crying

Delivering the harsh words of a relationship that has ended > and there ain’t no coming back.

32. Almost hear You Sigh

Emotional vocal cemented by Keith Richards on acoustic guitar adding to the lovelorn atmosphere.

33. Out Of Tears

An effecting vocal in a quivering, stilting style as Mick Jagger professes he won’t cry when his lover says goodbye > but he doth protesteth too much.

34. Sweethearts Together

Like a couple of swashbuckling pirates, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards serenade each other.

35. Blinded by rainbows

Covers a range of topics > from family casualties of war to the age-old question > is there life after death? > with “I doubt it” the verdict.

36. Anybody Seen My Baby?

“She was more than beautiful / closer to ethereal” > but, damn it, she’s gone missing.

37. Already Over Me

“You say poverty is picturesque? As you dragged your nails across my chest” > gee, ain’t love grand.

38. Keys To Your Love

He’s put a spell on her > as in has the keys to her love > or maybe it’s more to do with wishful thinking.

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