Keith Richards in Pirates of Caribbean movies



Rock and roll pirate Keith Richards appeared in 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean movie At Worlds End as Jack Sparrow’s father Captain Teague.

Actor Johnny Depp had previous stated that he based his Jack Sparrow character on Keith Richards, so it seemed like a natural fit.

“Pirates were the rock stars of their day,” Depp said.

“Their myths or legends would arrive months before they would ever make port, much like rock stars

“Having spent some time with Keith Richards was certainly a huge part of the inspiration for the character.

“I spent a little time with Keith here and there, and each time I’d see him he’d have a new thing tied into his hair. ‘What is that hanging?’ I’d ask, and Keith would say, ‘Ah yeah, I got that in Bermuda,’ or wherever.

“So it felt to me like Jack, on his travels and adventures, would see something and go, ‘Oh yeah, I’ll keep that,’ tie it in his hair or have someone else do it. Each little trinket would have a story.”

Keith Richards, who reprised his Captain Teague role in 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean movie On Stranger Tides, said: “It’s about freedom, baby. Open the cage, let the tigers out.

“Somebody’s gotta do the naughty work. It’s not so much about destroying the establishment. It’s to prevent them from destroying you.”