Pic from 1988 solo album Talk is Cheap
Pic from 1988 solo album Talk is Cheap

The Rolling Stones guitarist required brain surgery after falling from a tree > or part thereof > in April 2006, while holidaying in Fiji.

He underwent surgery at a hospital in New Zealand to relieve a blood clot on his bran, and was there for several weeks.

The accident caused a delay to the Rolling Stones tour of Europe.

Initial reports had Keith Richards falling from a coconut tree.

But he later told Rolling Stone magazine:  “It’s embarrassing, really. I was sitting on this gnarled shrub about six feet off the ground. I was wet – I’d been swimming. I hit the ground the wrong way, my head hit the trunk, and that was that.”

In a video message in late 2013 as part of the On Fire tour, Richards gave his thanks to the surgeons in New Zealand who treated him, remarking that >

“I left half my brain there.”