The new Rolling Stones album, Blue and Lonesome, was recorded in just three days and has the band going back to their blues roots.

Set for release on December 2, the new Stones album was recorded at British Grove Studios in West London and features guitar maestro Eric Clapton on two tracks. Clapton just happened to be in the studio next door recording his own album.

The Rolling Stones own website states the band’s approach to recording was that it be spontaneous and played live in the studio without overdubs.

Blue and Lonesome is made up of cover versions of songs by blues greats including Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon and Little Walter, the Rolling Stones website said.

The album cover
The album cover

See and here snippets of two songs from Blue and Lonesome on

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The 12 tracks are:

Just Your Fool
Commit A Crime
Blue and Lonesome
All Of Your Love
I Gotta Go
Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
Ride ‘Em On Down
Hate To See You Go
Hoo Doo Blues
Little Rain
Just Like I Treat You
I Can’t Quit You Baby

“This album is what I’ve always wanted the Stones to do. It’s what we do best and what we did when we first got together,” said drummer Charlie Watts, The New York Times reported. 

The Associated Press recently reported that when asked what the future goals of the Rolling Stones were, Charlie Watts — ever the one for a good one-liner — quipped: “Staying alive I think is the biggest thing at the moment, or getting up in the morning.”

The New York Times also reported Mick Jagger saying of the new Stones album: “The blues still have something about them that’s really good. I love all kinds of music and I still listen to the blues. To me it’s a homage to all those people that we’ve always loved since we were kids.”

Jagger also said the band had “half an album” of new songs – so hopefully we will also see an album of new Stones songs in the not too distant feature.

Blue and Lonesome is the first Rolling Stones studio album since A Bigger Bang in 2005, itself a cracker of an album.




The Rolling Stones were originally in the studio to record original songs, before coming up with the blues album.

“The reason we hit into the blues stuff was we were in a new studio and in new rooms, it always takes a while to adjust to sounds,” Keith Richards told Billboard in November 2016.

 “So I said to Ronnie [Wood] and Mick [Jagger], ‘Let’s just hit into the blues,’ something we’re all familiar with to get the sound together. It came together so quickly and so well, suddenly Mick said, ‘Well in that case, let’s do this Howlin’ Wolf song,’ and one led to another and before we knew it we had an album without any intention of doing it.”

Guitarist Wood told Billboard “The blues songs that we played we hit it once or twice maximum and cut it, so we had an album in two or three days. The new material will take a while to sit and reshape.”

Mick Jagger said of the prospect of a new album of Stones originals: “I was working on it quite recently. We’ve got a long way to go, but I think it sounds really great and I’m looking forward to carrying on with that.”

Both Jagger and Wood told Billboard they were hopeful the band would return to the studio in 2017 to work on the new songs.