Lyrically peaking: Out of Our Heads album

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards continued to use the pseudonym of Nanker/Phelge for four songwriting credits on Out Of Our Heads, the band’s third British release album.

This included great tempestuous ballad Play With Fire and piss-take at record company hanger-on triehards > The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man.

But Jagger/Richards credits were put on youth anthem (I Can’t get No) Satisfaction, The Last Time and One More Try.

The American version of Out Of Our Heads had six different songs to the British album, including the Jagger/Richards dark loving gem > Heart Of Stone.


When I’m watchin’ my TV

And that man comes on to tell me

How white my shirts can be

But he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke

The same cigarettes as me

The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man

Well I’m sitting here thinkin’ just how sharp I am

I’m an under assistant west coast promo man, yeah, yeah


Well I promo groups when they come into town

Well they laugh at my toupee,

they’re sure to put me down


Yeah I’m sitting here thinking

just how sharp I am

I’m a necessary talent behind

every rock and roll band


I sure do earn my pay,

sitting on the beach every day

The Last Time

Well I told you once and I told you twice

But ya never listen to my advice

You don’t try very hard to please me

With what you know it should be easy

Well this could be the last time

This could be the last time



Well, I’m sorry girl but I can’t stay

Feelin’ like I do today

It’s too much pain and too much sorrow

Guess I’ll feel the same tomorrow

Play With Fire

Well, you’ve got your diamonds

and you’ve got your pretty clothes

And the chauffeur drives your car

You let everybody know


Now you’ve got some diamonds

and you will have some others

But you’d better watch your step, girl

Or start living with your mother


So don’t play with me,

cause you’re playing with fire

Heart Of Stone

There’ve been so many girls that I’ve known

I’ve made so many cry and still I wonder why

Better listen little girl

You go on walking down the street

I ain’t got no love, I ain’t the kind to meet


Cause you’ll never break, never break,

never break, never break

This heart of stone

All lyrics by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, except where otherwise specified.