Lyrically Peaking: Between the Buttons

The rebel rousing Stones > seen as a threat to British society  > were being hounded by the police.

And  their bags > as  stated in the Connection song from album Between The Buttons (pictured) > did get a close inspection.

Drug busts and Mick Jagger/Keith Richards time in jail > albeit brief after a successful appeal > soon followed.


Everything is going in the wrong direction

The doctor wants to give me more injections

Giving me shots for a thousand rare infections

And I don’t know if he’ll let me go

Connection, I just can’t make no connection

But all I want to do is to get back to you


My bags they get a very close inspection

I wonder why it is that they suspect ’em

They’re dying to add me to their collection

And I don’t know if they’ll let me go

Connection, I just can’t make no connection

Yesterday’s Papers

Living a life of constant change
Every day means the turn of a page
Yesterday’s papers are such bad news
Same thing applies to me and you
Who wants yesterday’s papers
Who wants yesterday’s girl


Seems very hard to have just one girl
When there’s a million in the world
All of these people just can’t wait
To fall right into their big mistake


[ Oh, the poor little thing > Jagger’s  got a million groupies to get through and marriage is the last thing on his mind ]

Back Street Girl

Please don’t be part of my life

Please keep yourself to yourself

Please don’t you bother my wife

That way you won’t get no help


Don’t try to ride on my horse

You’re rather common and coarse anyway

Don’t want you out in my world

Just you be my backstreet girl

[ Laying down the law to his squeeze on the side > “Yeah, you awright with that then, darling. We don’t have a problem, do we. Tell ya what, go get us another beer > there’s a good girl. ]

Who’s Been Sleeping Here

What you say girl, you see what is wrong
You must be joking, you was led along
But the butler, the baker, the laughing cavalier
Will tell me now, who’s been sleeping here
I want to know
Don’t you look like, like a goldilocks
There must be somewhere, somewhere you can stop
Yes there’s the noseless old newsboy, the old British brigadier
But you’ll tell me now, who’s been sleeping here
Who’s been eating, eating off my plate
Who will tell me, who’ll investigate
All lyrics by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, except where otherwise specified.