Lyrically peaking: Dirty Work

The Dirty Work album was dirty times for the Rolling Stones with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards somewhat at loggerheads > with guitarist Ronnie Wood holding the glue together > so much so that Wood is given joint songwriting credits with the Jagger/Richards monopoly on four songs from this 10-track album.

One Hit (To The Body)

You fell out of the clear blue sky

to the darkness below

The smell of your flesh excites me,

blood starts to flow, so help me God


Oh, your love is just sweet addiction

I can’t clean you out of my veins

It’s a life long affliction

that has damaged my brain

Dirty Work

Living high, sitting in the sun
Sit on your ass till your work is done

You lazy mother, your hands are clean

You pull the strings and you got the clout

There’s something filthy living in your mouth


You let somebody do the dirty work

Find some loser, find some jerk

Find some dumb ass do it all for free

Winning Ugly

I wanna be on top

Forever on the up

and damn the competition

I never play it fair,

I never turn a hair,

just like the politicians

Don’t Hold Back

Hear the voice of experience,
a word from the wise

Grab opportunity, yes, while you’re alive


Don’t matter if you ain’t so good looking,

if you ain’t sharp as a blade

No, don’t be afraid

Don’t hold back


Life is passing you by

Choke on that

All lyrics by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, except where otherwise specified.