Lyrically peaking: Goat’s head Soup


Honey, I missed your two tongue kisses

Legs wrapped around me tight

If I ever get back to Fun City, girl

I’m gonna make you scream all night


Yeah, I heard about your Polaroid’s

Now that’s what I call obscene

Your tricks with fruit was kind a cute

I bet you keep your pussy clean


With no loving in our souls

and no money in our coats

You can’t say we’re satisfied

But Angie, Angie,

you can’t say we never tried


All the dreams we held so close

seemed to all go up in smoke

Let me whisper in your ear:

Angie, Angie,

where will it lead us from here?

Dancing With Mr D

[ with Mr D being the Devil ]


Down in the graveyard where we have our tryst

The air smells sweet, the air smells sick

He never smiles, his mouth merely twists

The breath in my lungs feels clinging and thick

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

The police in New York City

They chase a boy right through the park

And in a case of mistaken identity

The put a bullet through his heart


A ten-year-old girl on a street corner

Sticking needles in her arm

She died in the dirt of an alleyway

Her mother said she had no chance

All lyrics by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, except where otherwise specified.