Lyrically peaking: Got Live if You Want It

“When there’s a lot of screaming I know that most people can’t hear us playing, but what can you do.”
> Mick Jagger

This 1966 live album certainly proves Jagger right in that regard, with the sound of screaming girls negating much of any musical worth on this album. There was one song not previously released > the Rolling Stones version of Fortune Teller, a clever love ditty first released in the early 1960s.



Fortune Teller

Went to the fortune teller

Had my fortune read

I didn’t know what to tell her

I had a dizzy feeling in my head


Then she took a look at my palm

She said, “Sonny, you feel kinda warm”

And she looked into her crystal ball

And said, “You’re in love”

[ and there’s a happy ending >>

I hurried back down to that woman

As mad as I could be

I told her I didn’t see nobody

Why’d she make a fool out of me


Now I’m a happy fellow

Well, I’m married to the fortune teller

We’re happy as we could be

And I get my fortune told for free

> written by Allen Toussaint

All lyrics by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, except where otherwise specified.