Lyrically peaking: Sticky Fingers

Brown Sugar

Gold coast slave ship bound for cotton fields

Sold in a market down in New Orleans

Scarred old slaver knows he’s doing alright

Hear him whip the women just around midnight


I bet your mama was a tent show queen

And all here boyfriends were sweet sixteen

I’m no schoolboy but I know what I like

You shoulda heard me just around midnight

Wild Horses

I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie

I have my freedom but I don’t have much time

Faith has been broken, tears must be cried

Let’s do some living after we die


Wild horses couldn’t drag me away

Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me away


I’m feeling drunk, juiced up and sloppy

Ain’t touched a drink all night

I’m feeling hungry, can’t see the reason

Just ate a horse meat pie


Sometimes I’m sexy, move like a stud

Kicking the stall all night

Sometimes I’m so shy, got to be worked on

Don’t have no bark or bite, alright

Sister Morphine

The scream of the ambulance is sounding in my ears

Tell me, Sister Morphine, how long have I been lying here?

What am I doing in this place?

Why does the doctor have no face?


Sweet Cousin Cocaine, lay your cool cool hand on my head

Ah, come on, Sister Morphine, you better make up my bed

‘Cause you know and I know in the morning I’ll be dead

Yeah, and you can sit around, yeah and you can watch

All the clean white sheets stained red

Dead Flowers

You can send me dead flowers every morning

Send me dead flowers by the mail

Send me dead flowers to my wedding

And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave

All lyrics by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, except where otherwise specified.