Lyrically peaking: Undercover

Undercover Of The Night

All the young men they’ve been rounded up

And sent to camps back in the jungle

And people whisper people double-talk

And once proud fathers act so humble


Down in the bars the girls are painted blue

Done up in lace, done up in rubber

The John’s are jerky little G.I. Joe’s

On R&R from Cuba and Russia

The smell of sex, the smell of suicide

All these things I can’t keep inside

She Was Hot

I think I’m going off the rails

Riding down the pleasure trails

I was taking passion where you find it

Honey when you were young and fresh

And you need the touch of your flesh

Go take the treasure where you find it

Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love)

You have to work at it, stay with it

Pay for it, bust your ass

Lie for it, cheat for it

Forget about your past

Why so divine, the pain of love


You dream of it passionate

You get a rise from it

Feel the hot cum

Dripping on your thighs from it

Why why so divine, the pain of love

All The Way Down

She showed me love a hundred ways

How she pimped and how she paid

All the daughters, all the sons

All were welcome, all would come

We went all the way

All the way down

All lyrics by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, except where otherwise specified.