MR WASTED ELEGANCE: Keith Richards on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, circa 1972, during the band’s American tour. It was this photo and more inside the magazine, plus a lengthy interview, that went a long way to establishing Richards’ rock and roll renegade persona. Before this, the focus had mainly been on Mick Jagger.
MR WASTED ELEGANCE: Keith Richards on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, early 1970s.


STONES guitarist Keith Richards crashed his Bentley through a hedge and fence > into a field off England’s M1 motorway about 4am on May 19, 1976. There were several adults in the car and his seven-year-old son Marlon.

Richards was taken to a police interview room and searched. In a jacket pocket they found a piece of folded paper which they suspected contained LSD.

Found in the car was a silver chain holding several objects, including a silver tube later found to have traces of cocaine.

Judgement day was January 15, 1977 > the charges possession of LSD and cocaine.

 The defence’s argument centred around Richards denying the cocaine chain was his as the car was also used by other members of the group – and the same went for the jacket holding the LSD.

“We all wear each other’s stage clothes,” he had told officers at the time of his arrest.

 After a three-day trial, the jury finds him not guilty on the LDS charge but guilty of possessing cocaine. He’s fined 750 pounds and warned that next time he will go to jail.

 OF COURSE THERE WAS A NEXT TIME > but not in England.

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